Michael Miller is a widely requested corporate and educational speaker. For 20+ years, Michael has been speaking to audiences, from teenagers to parents as well as corporate leaders, about topics that promote leadership, encourage communication, motivate teams and inspire groups.

Michael brings a rare blend of passion, enthusiasm and the ability to focus and inspire your team. Michael is able to create a common thread that connects the entire spectrum of the organization and helps pave the way towards positive change. This positive change can’t be manufactured, can’t be packaged, it has to come from within and Michael’s unique ability to cultivate that separates him from everyone else.

What is unique about Michael Miller?

Energy and stamina – from start to finish. Bold but polite. Loud but loving. In your fcae, but mannerly. Challenging, caring, concerned,connected. Not “canned” but tailored. High energy, fun, enthusiastic, prepared. Positive, easy, helpful. Doesn’t have or give all the answers – we find them together.

Who has Michael Miller’s audience been?

  • Human Resources
  • Student Governments and Program Boards
  • Student Organization Leaders
  • New Student/Parents

Types of sessions Michael Miller has facilitated:

  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Assertiveness and Constructive Confrontation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Visioning and Goal Setting
  • Values and Mission Exploration
  • Getting What You Want Out of Your Time and Your Life

Sessions are interactive and include role-play, small group activities, reflection – stop and think and case studies.

Michael Miller Leadership Speaker