Michael Miller Speaks on Continuous Improvement

define, measure, analyze, improve, control

Michael Miller can speak on a number of different topics around Continuous Improvement.

Brainstorming and Mapping

Sure, we’ve all brainstormed! But do we do it effectively? In this session, we explore the topic again and also look at mapping – another way to generate ideas and organize them well.

Customer Services

Why does it seem so hard to provide quality customer service? This session will provide a foundation on how to approach customers and then look at ways to handle irate/difficult ones.

Evaluation: A Practical Approach

Evaluation seems difficult – although it needn’t be. Using your organizations goals, we will discuss a method for evaluation that makes it easier to access your efforts.

Unlocking Your Creativity

Creativity can be a powerful tool to advance your organizations agenda. Do you use this tool wisely? In this session we will explore ways that creativity can create new opportunities.