Michael at FU

Seminars are generally focused around a series of recurring meetings and lectures, each time focusing on a different subject or field. The word seminar actually derives from the Latin word seminarium, meaning “seed plot”. By hiring Michael Miller for your next seminar series, you can spread seeds of wisdom and personal growth among seminar attendees and the future leaders of your organization. Michael involves activities and audience participation to engage audiences and promote discussion and new ideas.

Whatever your organizations needs, Michael uses his energy and enthusiasm to get your group focused on the topic. Always humorous and sometimes wild, Michael insists on getting your audience completely involved, inspiring open communication that brings positive change for participants and employees. He is passionate and bold. He will not let go of you until you learn the ways to get what you want out of your time, life and work.

Michael’s sessions are interactive, including role-play, small group activities, reflection exercises, relevant case studies and audience inclusion.

Seminars with Leadership Speaker Michael Miller