Michael Miller is a Certified True Colors Facilitator. True Colors is an international program that helps groups and organizations identify personality traits of employees and associates.

By taking a True Colors Assessment Test, you can identify your personality traits allowing you to gain deeper insights, specific descriptions, fun facts and a full spectrum of True Color traits. This will show your personality style and how you come across to others. This information will help to strengthen your communication skills and reduce conflicts leading to an increase in overall effectiveness.

The True Colors Assessment allows you to look at your personality traits using four colors: Blue, Green, Gold and Orange.

As True Colors states:

Blue is a color that has been shown to soothe the central nervous system. It fosters psychological contentment and physical tranquility. It can be said that when a person is feeling BLUE, they are experiencing emotional intensity and sensitivity to the dramas of life. The figure of speech referring to “True Blues” takes on the meaning of friendship, helpers, “there when you need them” individuals that will go the extra mile for others.

Green is an expression of the logic – the system of existence and the abundance of this color in nature. Greens are concerned with the world’s challenges, such as preserving the wisdom of mother earth for the future. Psychological research has shown the color Green to have a calming effect and many Greens demonstrate a composed demeanor using mind over emotion to orchestrate and solve the mysteries of life.

Gold is a color with numerous metaphors associated with it. Think of the common phrase, “Good as Gold”. It represents value, stability and strength. The expression “Solid Gold work ethic” conjures up an image of someone who is very responsible… on time, organized, fulfills their obligations with stellar dependability, efficiency and thoroughness. The classic expression “sets the Gold standard” is also a suitable fit.

Orange is a color often used to promote action, motivation, excitement. Orange urges you to PAY ATTENTION – wake up and seize the moment, make quick decisions…take advantage of the immediate opportunity available right now! Orange encourages a playful atmosphere of activity and movement. Think of the flash of fire, shimmer of sparklers on the fourth of July or the flame of a match – hot, dazzling, Orange energy.”

The True Colors Assessment is easy to understand because people relate to colors. A majority of people think visually and after learning this model, it is easy see a person’s colors without needing to remember names, formulas, or letters. Participants say True Colors is the most user-friendly personality model they’ve ever experienced.

If you are interested in having Michael facilitate a True Colors Program, please contact FUN Enterprises and ask to speak with Ken Abrahams – 781-436-3187.

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