Orientation Keynote Speaker

Michael Miller Speaks to Students and Parents and Orientation

Michael Miller has crafted compelling messaging for high school and college students as well as their parents when it comes to orientation. Whether you are a freshman going to high school or college, some of the challenges can be the same; new environment, new friends, new situations, new expectations. Michael brings energy, inspiration and humor to his sessions leaving attendees more confident that “everything is going to be alright”.

High School 

  • freshman who are entering high school
  • seniors who will be navigating life choices between college, trade school, military or work

College and Parent 

  • freshman entering college with issues that include: living away from home, living with a roommate(s), too much free time, class and study habits.
  • parents having children leaving: or the first time, helicopter habits, empty nesters and realistic expectations


  • High School – teaching staff who will be starting the school year with district goals and individual school expectations
  • College – new staff, college or university goals and departmental expectation

High School, College, Parent and Staff Orientations