Michael Miller Speaks on Leadership Training and Development


Michael Miller can speak on topics around leadership training and development:

Assertiveness and Constructive Confrontation

Tired of being a doormat? Are you left saying, “I should have said something!” after interactions? Let’s learn a framework for communication that leaves both parties satisfied.

Conflict Management

Conflict is bad, right? Not during this session! Conflict is an important way we can come to better decisions and ideas – if we manage it correctly. Let’s learn the ways to actually make conflict positive.

Delegation and Retention

We all want to retain quality people in our organizations. Did you know that by giving them important and challenging work you can do just that?

Leadership:  Types and Styles

Hands on or hands off? Which is best and why? We’ll use an instrument to explore leadership styles and then discuss ways to develop our skills so that we can employ the right styles at the right time.

Managing Multiple Priorities

When there are many tasks competing for our attention, we can become paralyzed. This session will provide strategies for task review and analysis so that you can get it all done.

Diversity and Inclusion

An interactive session that explores our reactions to various diversities, confront stereotyping and more: talk about methodologies to make sure that potential preconceptions don’t affect negatively our interactions with colleagues. We’ll also discuss strategies we may personally undertake to insure respectfulness, collegiality and honor in the workplace.