Sapphire Restaurant

Here in laid-back Laguna Beach remarkable, attentive customer service is not necessarily what we would expect. However, at Sapphire Restaurant that’s exactly what you get from outstanding bartenders Chris and Adam.

Walking in “cold” with a friend, we were not only attracted to the restaurant’s beautiful atmosphere but also, to the hearty greeting of the bartenders – not only ready to serve us but also ready to point out our new Southern California tans!  They served with exceptional quality and kindness, making out-of-towners feel welcome amid the carefully designed bar and dining area.

And so it went, every night thereafter.  Upon walking in on the second night we were greeted by name and our drinks were being prepared before we ordered them.  Stories told and heard built on information shared on evening earlier.  It felt warm and special to be in Sapphire with them – and Chris and Adam made every other customer feel same way amidst their efficient and skillful tending at the busy bar.

Please note: when you are anywhere near Laguna Beach, California I want all of you to stop by Sapphire ( and experience the wonderful service not only from Chris and Adam but from Melissa, Claire, Maya, and all of the staff; however, in California or not, there are lessons to take from the excellent service received that you will want to bring to your department or organization right now.

1. Service is ATTENTIVENESS:

Chris and Adam PAY ATTENTION:  with any where from 5 to 30 people at the bar and a busy wait staff demanding their attention for patrons at tables – they know what’s going on with every person they serve.  Small things like noticing and refilling water glasses and clearing plates unobtrusively show that they TEND TO THE DETAILS personally.


This skilled duo gives you their FOCUS, regardless of how busy they are.  They MAKE EYE CONTACT when they take your order or ask you a question, making you feel important.  They REMEMBER YOUR NAME and your PREFERENCES the next time you show up.  This creates loyalty not only to them, but also to their “company.”

3. Service really is an ATTITUDE:

This team is UNFAILINGLY POSITIVE – with the customers, with each other, with the rest of the staff – which helps you realize they are GENUINE!  They SMILE naturally, in a way that engages everyone.  Even when they have a “difficult” customer they are PATIENT and UPBEAT.  This positivity creates an atmosphere that allows fellow customers to CONNECT with each other, further enhancing everyone’s experience and impression.

Paying attention, tending to the details, making eye contact, remembering names, being positive, genuine, and upbeat. Exhibiting patience.  These are simple, uncomplicated rules of customer service that anyone could provide, right?

But think: when was the last time you were THIS excited by service YOU received?

We should take the note from these role models – and learn to apply these meaningful actions when working with our own organizations, customers, and clients.

Maybe then people will rave about us!

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